What we do. How we do it.

Businesses are valued for many reasons. Whether the need arises from corporate planning, partner/shareholder buy-ins or buy-outs, merger and acquisitions, marital dissolutions, estate or gift tax reporting or another purpose, you can expect to receive the same high quality service.


For most valuation engagements, at the conclusion of the project the business owners will receive an in-depth valuation report that clearly explains how the value was determined and describes the process in understandable language. Our goal is not just to deliver an accurate valuation figure, but to explain the valuation engagement in clear, understandable language.

The business valuation process

A business valuation requires in-depth knowledge of several factors and the application of a professionals judgement and expertise. Just as each company is different, so to are the industries that companies operate in. A medical practice faces different competitive and regulatory challenges than a manufacturing company. The valuation analyst must understand these realities in order to accurately determine the business value. Evaluating how a specific company stacks up against industry norms, as well as determining the internal trends, strengths and weaknesses of the company sheds additional light on the current, and likely future, outlook of the company being valued. All of this requires strong analytical skills and a firm understanding of the softer side of business - the management, culture and marketing strengths, among other things.


Done correctly, the valuation is much more than simple number crunching. Our process is to familiarize ourselves with the current state of the industry the company being valued operates in, then conduct a preliminary financial analysis and comparison to industry averages. From there, we meet and discuss the state of the company with owners and key stakeholders in order to understand the story behind the numbers. 





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